America can’t continue spending almost half a trillion dollars for foreign oil each year.

We can’t rely on hostile powers for America’s energy. However, the continental shelf—including Virginia’s coasts—holds vast reserves of domestic oil. I’ll work to develop off-shore oil supplies–and to allocate funds they generate for highway construction.

Virginia is rich in high grade coal. I’ll cut regulations that inhibit its development and encourage new jobs in Southwest Virginia.

Virginia’s uranium deposits can fuel clean nuclear power. I support uranium mining just as I support developing our rich oil, coal and natural gas deposits.

Among our most exciting new developments are gas-powered electrical generating plants. These can be located near urban centers. They avoid complex transmission and environmental problems. And I will work to expand their use.

I’m receptive to innovative energy sources—but only if they can compete in a free market. I’ll support energy sources that don’t drain taxpayers to subsidize costly schemes.