Jobs and the economy are the most pressing issues of our day. However, runaway spending and erratic policies of Democrats have made it difficult for businesses to expand and hire.

Obama Care imposes crippling costs and destructive uncertainty. I have joined the Attorney General’s lawsuit, seeking to overturn unconstitutional mandates of that legislation.

I don’t believe that local governments are sufficiently sensitive to the plight of hard-pressed homeowners. They’ve greatly increased property taxes and have devoted little effort to reining-in spending. In hard times, we must all live within our means. I’ll encourage fiscal prudence at all levels, so that Virginia can help families weather the storm.

I’ll work to ensure that Virginia supports the Right to Work, dampens costly litigation, reduces bureaucratic red-tape, and constrains taxes.These things will help businesses to save and invest in jobs.

Such sound, pro-business policies can help us lead the nation in economic growth and prosperity.