Q: What is the most important issue facing Virginians today?

America is facing the greatest economic challenge of our lifetime. We are on the cusp of a major recession. Americans are suffering widespread job losses, incredible debt, declining home values, and falling retirement account values. We need free-market solutions to the problems — not more debt and bureaucracy.

Q: What are some specific things you will do to create private-sector jobs in Virginia?

I will work to reduce regulations and taxes on small businesses; create economic stability so small businesses are willing to invest in job creation; develop Virginia’s vast off-shore oil and gas reserves; and develop the finest-grade coal reserves in the world found in southwest Virginia.

Q: Why is America in such an economic mess?

There is too much government interference in the economy in the form of regulation and taxes, which creates uncertainty on the part of those with the resources to create jobs. The economy needs stability to encourage prudent investments.

Q: What do Democrats most misunderstand about economics and job creation?

That top-down solutions don’t work. Socialism has failed everywhere it’s been tried, throughout history, anywhere in the world.

Q: What were your major accomplishment as a state assemblyman for eight years?

I sponsored the legislation that built the Route 28 freeway, greatly reducing traffic congestion on this key corridor by replacing traffic lights with overpasses and widening lanes; didn’t vote for a single tax increase in eight years; blocked bail for sexual predators; prohibited drivers licenses for illegal immigrants; and in 2003 passed the most significant pro-life bill ever enacted in Virginia.

Q: What is the key to eliminating U.S. dependence on foreign oil?

Increasing domestic energy production. Virginia has tremendous energy resources which we need to develop. We have vast amounts of off-shore oil and gas deposits; vast amounts of the highest-grade coal in the world in southwest Virginia; and deposits of uranium for nuclear power. Developing energy production will significantly boost the number of well-paying, private-sector jobs available to our citizens.