Ukraine has lost the war

Sen. Black addresses the AfD Party in Berlin at the Bundestag on June 21, 2022. Remarks by most of the members are in German. Black’s responses are in English.

Senator Black recaps the U.S. intervention in Syria and NATO’s unnecessary proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. EIR interview. 1 hr. 11 min. with 905,398 views as of April 26, 2022.


  1. Video with written English transcript:

The video has been translated into German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, Greek and Arabic.

The Dick Black You Might Not Know

To report on Black’s legislative record, while interesting, would be nothing new. Instead, The Tribune met with Black this month to probe for the influences on his life — the experiences that shaped his world view and values, and how he has handled adversity. It offered up a side of Black that is rarely exposed, but that family and friends attest is the man they know in private. Read More…

Virginia Attorney General weighs in on Prince William School Board appointment

The Prince William County School Board “has both the duty and the sole authority” to appoint a temporary replacement for Brentsville representative Gil Trenum, a Navy reservist preparing for a yearlong deployment to Africa, according to an “unofficial opinion” issued by the Virginia attorney general’s office this morning. Read More…

Loudoun supervisors vote on alternative to Umstattd’s LGBT resolution

Loudoun’s Board of Supervisors on Tuesday night approved a motion from Supervisor Ron Meyer (R-Broad Run) recognizing the month of July as “Love Loudoun Month” as a way to honor the victims of the June 12 terrorist attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla. Read More…

Conservative Caucus agenda supports bills that lower taxes, strengthen gun rights

The Virginia Conservative Caucus, co-chaired by Del. Ben Cline, released a new agenda Wednesday in support of bills to lower taxes, limit government, strengthen gun rights and promote school choice. Cline, R-Rockbridge, called it an exhaustive platform designed to highlight positive conservative goals — including job creation, protecting families and defending personal freedom — as well as push back against Democrats in power. Read More…

McAuliffe wants to reinstate Va. gun sale restrictions

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) – During their final debate in the 2014 Virginia gubernatorial race, Ken Cuccinelli scoffed that his Democratic opponent had flunked a test of character – namely, that Terry McAuliffe received a grade of “F” from the National Rifle Association.

McAuliffe quick-fired a stunning rebuttal, more or less putting his election prospects where his mouth is. “I don’t CARE what grade I got from the NRA,” he said. Read More…

School Leaders, Lawmakers Debate Fees For Busing, Kindergarten

Loudoun County School Board members this morning got a chance to tell legislators why they want state law changed to allow them to charge for full-day kindergarten and student transportation. Read More…

Fight to keep canceled health plans continues in Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. – The fight over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — or ObamaCare for short — never seems to end.

Virginia’s Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment has introduced two separate bills with the same goal — making sure heath insurance companies can continue health insurance plans otherwise discontinued by President Obama’s signature health care law. Read More…

After hours of strife, lawmakers pass budget without Medicaid expansion

RICHMOND — The Virginia General Assembly adopted a long-delayed state budget late Thursday, acting after an hours-long debate among newly ascendant Senate Republicans who fought among themselves over whether the plan threw up sufficient barriers to Medicaid expansion. Read More

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